[SOVHK] Vehicle LED Headlight Kit

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Special Order Vehicle LED Kit for your headlights. Clean bright white LED output that will light up the street signs, freeway overpass signs and so much more.



    (for low OR high beams)
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Please input your vehicle year and model in the description field.

Please check with your vehicle's manual to determine if you require 1 or 2 kits for your headlights.
Some vehicle's headlight bulbs use the same bulbs for high beams and low beams. So you will only need to purchase 1 kit. If your vehicle's headlight uses separate bulbs for the high beams and low beams, then you will need to purchase 2 kits.

If you do not see your vehicle's make in the list of options, it is because we do not offer the lights for that make at this time or these makes do not allow for aftermarket headlight upgrades.

NOTE: Our original TruHIDs Vehicle HID Kit has been replaced with our new PathFinderLED Vehicle LED Kit. This new LED kit does not require the additional ballast as it did with our HID Kit, therefore you will have an even simpler and quicker installation setup.



For CALIFORNIA residents only:
WARNING: This product contains chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov


Special Order Vehicle LED Kit
PathFinderLEDs are warranted against defects for a period of 1 Year from purchase date, unlike 60 days from other outlets, satisfaction guaranteed. Always verify your bulb type before ordering.

5 Reviews

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    TruHIDs Auto - 2000 Ford Mustang GT

    Posted by Carl Bowers on Sep 07, 2015

    SoCalMotoGear.com has unbeatable customer service and though they specialize in m/c HID conversions, they stand behind all of their products. It is important that YOU know the difference between housings and their wiring; i.e. a 9004 and 9007 is not wired the same. This kit arrived ready for a 9004 housing but my Stang was manufactured with a 9007. I did have to move the pins of the car socket to a 9004 configuration. Afterwards, it works like the stock except they are true HID in both low and high beams. And they light the world in comparison! I give the product a 5 out of 5 but it may or may not be plug-n-play, depending upon your stock bulb housing. Take the time to learn the difference between the bulb numbers and wire your socket correctly. Use a test light to determine which is the low and high beam wire. The one that don't light is the ground!

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    2014 F150 LED Headlights

    Posted by Joseph Braithwaite on Aug 31, 2015

    These lights are great ! The stock bulbs that came on the truck made it very difficult to see more than 15 feet in front of the vehicle and I definitely don't have that problem anymore. These look clean lit up as it is a solid white beam. In the daytime it is hard to tell they are on because of how white the light is but at night there is no doubt about it when they are on because you can see for over 100 feet easily just with the low beam. I did not notice a big difference with the high beam other than it raised the lights higher and spread out a bit more but honestly I don't even need the high beams as bright as the low beams are. Just make sure you angle your headlights down a bit (as suggested by socalmotogear) so you don't blind oncoming traffic. The instillation was simple and they are definitely worth the money. Great product !

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    Blown away!

    Posted by PRESTON BROWN on Aug 07, 2015

    I'm so impressed with this company that I'll probably sound like I'm getting paid for this! I've purchased three low beam kits for my vehicles and an additional high beam kit for my Goldwing. I installed the Goldwing kit in March and loved it so much I converted my other two rigs. Two weeks ago in July I noticed one of the Goldwing low beam lights was out. I checked all the connections and they were good. I thought "here we go with the constantly replacing bulbs routine". I checked and bulbs come in pairs and are not cheap! I emailed Tim in customer service and explained my dilemma. He suggested that I swap out the bulb from the other side to make sure. Still wouldn't fire up. He then sent me two replacement bulbs free of charge which I immediately installed. My problem is solved and I am sold on this company! Thank you SoCalMotoGear for a great product and an awesome support team!

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    Don't Know Yet But Can't Wait

    Posted by Paul on Oct 03, 2014

    I bought a set for my GL1500SE at Laconia. I don't care much for riding in the dark but these make it daylight all the time! I just had to get a kit for my 2002 Tundra but the day after they arrived the truck was recalled for a frame replacement. Now I have to wait a few weeks to install them. The bike kit was a snap to install and I expect the truck kit will not take more than a half hour. Any changes and I will update this review.

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    gold wing truhids

    Posted by Hugo V. on Dec 05, 2012

    They look incredibly bright easy to install