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This product is designed for the Gold Wing 2021-2024 model years. This product adds high performance LED visibility
to rear of your bike and increases rider safety. Set your bike apart from the rest...Dynamic brake lights flash when your brakes are applied. LED running lights make you more visible. PATHFINDERLED lighting integrates the OEM look and
finish offering supererior performance and compatibilty. 
Sequential LEDs adds more turn signal visiblity and a first in design, switch between Amber or RED only turn LED indicators by simply programming via braking 3x on startup.

Professional installation recommended, however, if you follow the step by step Youtube installation video you should
not have a problem installing this product. Recommended installation time 3-4 hours. 

Made for Gold Wing Tour 2021-2024

FEATURES: Added Safety and Visibility

Special feature: Switch between "AMBER or "RED" only turn signal indicators. 

  • DYNAMIC BRAKE LIGHTS - Flashes when brakes are applied.
  • ENHANCED LED RUNNING LIGHTS - Always on for added day/night time visibility.
  • SEQUENTIAL AMBER TURN SIGNALS - Modern LED increases rider visibility.
  • Improve your Gold Wing's appearance and aerodynamics.
  • High Quality OEM fit and finish for an integrated factory look.



FOR 2021+ or compatible 2021+

P/N #PAH60GW v4 or compatible 2012+ power distribution huh 


This product can only be installed on TOURING MODELS without the luggage rack. If you have the luggage rack

please see our High Mount Multi-Function LED light P/N: G21HTL which has the same built in LED features as this light.

DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol on G2XSPL spoiler. Matte paint will be stripped/damaged. Only clean with water and non-abrasive cloth materials.


CALIFORNIA residents only:
WARNING: This product contains chemicals including DEHP, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov
ONLY 2021+ GOLD WING 21/22/23/24
Drilling required + PN# PAH60GW v4 (sold separately) or compatible 2021+ power dist hub.
DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol on G2XSPL spoiler. Matte paint will be stripped/damaged. Only clean with water and non-abrasive cloth materials..
PathFinderLED products are warranted against defects for a period of 1 Year from purchase date, unlike 60 days from other outlets, satisfaction guaranteed. Always verify your fitment type before ordering. CAUTION: DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol on spoiler. Matte paint will be stripped/damaged. Only clean with water and non-abrasive cloth materials.

1 Review

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    Led Spoiler Light 21 Goldwing Tour

    Posted by Tex on Dec 12, 2022

    Owning a Gen 1 wing with matched painter spoiler with internal brake light was spoiling to me. Now as I move on to the new bike and like there is something is missing here… like it wasn’t completely thought out. Never fear aftermarket to the rescue. I looked at the other brand X lighting solutions, that peel and stick tape mount on the flat back contour of the trunk coupled to the fact I wanted Pathfinder fog/ driving light running / turn signal lights requiring a power hub. This other Brand X required their own cable harness system in addition to the light bar. I was on the fence until I saw Cruisemans video on a question I ran across on another thing on my new bike. This lead me to researching other stuff he did to his own bike ect. He brought in a friends bike to mount Parhfinders trunk wing light. Ok, now I have a total solution I think. I like the design, and It screws to the trunk lid! Bonus. I can use this product with my powered hub, aces again. This appears to be a well thought out design. I see the installation video via Cruiseman's and instantly went to SoCalMorogear to order one. Woops, I have a newer bike and expecting one by year end. This is in September now and I have already purchased a trunk light, power hub, flashing running turn lights for my mirrors, and lights for the driving light/ fog lights from Pathfinder and cancelled my other trunk light for the brand X from my Honda Dealer. I added myself to the wait list in September for this new light. SoCalMotogear asked if I would like to have this product after waiting and would I install and give my feedback. I jumped at the opportunity and write this as my impressions and how my thoughts on the installation. They asked if I would consider writing a review and I gladly accepted after the fact. The new light came in, the instructions were complete and easy to follow. It make references to remove fasteners and shows one but lines to their locations. So pay attention… the info is there… have to look to see it. I am a skilled tech but no experience taking my new bike apart. Last thing I want it to break or scratch a part. I get the lid off and find the instructions showed exactly what needs to be done. The cut outs when trimmed to the outline fit exactly inside these pieces to mark the holes that need to be drilled. Now the fun part, drilling the holes… just take your time and get the center correct.. use a pilot drill to make an initial hole, and enlarge it. I de burred mine to help prevent cracking later. I found the instructions were well written to follow how to Aline the new light. I after drilling, did a test fit, then hooked up my light to make sure it works as advertised. Once I did that now cleaned the area as the instructions said, cut the middle, peeled back the corners and cut out where the screw, light wires are to allow the backing to be removed. I started the screw and lifted up on one end and removed the backing , same for the other side, got the light to set in place, I lifted carefully the ends to remove that small area tape. And stuck the ends down. Light is now mounted. I ran the harness they supplied, now I have added an interior trunk light and now two harnesses run up to the trunk on the right. I used the oem harness as primary and zipped tied the new Pathfinder harness along the same way. Before I tapped or zipped, I put the lid back on, ran the harnesses and tempo used black tape to make sure the rest backrest fits! It did, and removed the black tape, and cleaned the areas. I then used the provided tape in place of the black tape. At first wasn’t sure about the look, it grew more and more as I looked it over. I am partial to the old wing style , why I still have my original 01 GL1800 with the spoiler I added 21years ago. The function of the new light is great. Changeable turn signal color is a nice added feature. Having the turn signals higher is a great thing with pulse flashing brake light. With driver intentions at a high, something to catch their eyes is a must. I see this as an essential part of safety equipment. The price to pay, then install it is nothing compared to being hit by a car. Being it screws to the trunk deck, and a brilliant engineering to mount it on replacement parts of you choose to remove it not requiring an entire trunk lid is great. Brand X you always have this hole where the wires go if you remove it. Plus if the tape gives up, it flopping about riding down the road was another concern I had. I personally am not sold on a stick on light myself. Prep work is a must for that to work… I wasn’t willing to bet my finish on my bike to try. Short time, should be fine with stick on lights, what about 10-20 years down the road. My 01 wing is a great machine it has served me well. I don’t have stick on lights on it! I am shipping that bike to Italy for my rides in Europe keeping my new fancy one here. Pathfinder, you did an excellent well throughout product. It allowed me to use one power hub, and have a complete solution. Tex