DYNAMIC LIGHTING From SoCalMotoGear - Article written By Bill McIlrath

Mar 04, 2022


By Bill McIlrath, GWRRA Life Member #22638, of Bethel, Connecticut

Some of you may remember the “Sequential Turn Signals” on the backs of certain older T-Birds & Cougars. Here is a modern day take on that idea which really stands out. Powerful white running lights for the front of your GL1800 or FB6 change to an eye catching moving amber when the turn signals are activated. See them in action here!

All too often motorcyclists are injured because traffic approaching from the opposite direction turn left cutting them off. “I'm sorry, I didn't see him” is the common excuse. This product should make your bike more visible! (Unfortunately, at this time my ride is out of commission so I am unable to provide any photos of my install. You can read more about this ongoing saga on my Facebook Page using the link below).

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