Oct 24, 2020

Dear Valued customer,

We were just informed by a customer that he purchased a counterfeit (GL18RFL) set on ebay that were knock offs of our PATHFINDERLED product. Both led fog lights were DOA (Dead On Arrival) when the customer received his lights. The set was shipped directly from CHINA. He contacted us trying to obtain warranty and this how we learned of this infringement of our product. From what we learned from the customer when he tried to power up the lights, they were DOA and there was a cheap fog light switch included in the package and some other foreign parts. We do not sell nor have any dealers or retailers in CHINA!

We are strictly enforcing all warranty claims with a purchase receipt from an authorized dealer and any additional information that may be required. Purchases made through the ebay sellers from China, as shown below, OR products found to be counterfeit, will NOT receive service or qualify for our warranty guarantee and assistance. Furthermore, you risk doing permanent damage to your motorcycle by installing a counterfeit product.

Ebay has been notified to have the listings removed and banned, however, there may be new listings of fakes that ebay cannot get to as quickly as we'd like. You can also report items that you believe to be counterfeit at the product page on eBay's website.

We do have legitimate ebay/amazon seller's listing the AUTHENTIC PathFinderLED branded GL18RFL kits. Please be sure to confirm this before bidding or purchasing on ebay or amazon. If the product is a counterfeit/fake, we will NOT provide tech support nor warranty.

We thank you for your vigilance and understanding.

- Team SoCalMotoGear/PathFinderLED

Please contact us for further details if necessary by emailing

You can also find these fake junk units being sold on Amazon. Click on direct link below.