SOCAL Motogear Policy


SOCALMOTOGEAR in its sole discretion reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any DISTRIBUTOR/DEALER that advertises any product(s) covered by this MAP Policy at a price lower than the MAP/LIST PRICE. To maintain a structured pricing guideline so that we may provide our customers with high value products and fair pricing we ask that all DISTRIBUTORS/DEALERS to please follow this MAP policy.

Any questions about this map policy should be directed to:


General Guidelines: (Please note the PathfinderLED®/TRUHIDS® brands are registered trademark products of SoCalMotoGear LLC.)

1. Our Map pricing is listed on our website and may be updated periodically. Click here to see updated price list. We advise dealers and distributors to follow this map price list.

2. This Map policy applies to all advertisements of SoCalMotoGear products. In any and all media including print/online.

3. This MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices. Pricing listed on an internet site is considered an "advertised price" and must adhere to this MAP Policy. Once the pricing is associated with an intent to purchase (added to shopping cart or order), the price becomes the selling price and must adhere to the following: Statements such as "add to basket to see price", "we will match any price", "call for price" or phrases of similar import are acceptable as long as the price advertised or listed for the products is not more than 2% below the MAP price. If pricing is displayed, any strike-through or other alteration of the MAP is prohibited. In addition, discounts applied at checkout to the entire order based on a customer's purchasing history with the Reseller, such as discounts for "frequent shoppers", do not violate this MAP Policy.

4. This MAP Policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All Resellers may offer SocalMotoGear products at any price in excess of the MAP

5. From time to time, SoCalMotoGear may choose to offer special promotions on certain products. In such an event, we reserve the right to modify or suspend this MAP Policy in whole or in part. SoCalMotoGear reserves the right to adjust the LIST PRICE with respect to all or certain products at its sole discretion. Such changes shall apply equally to all Reseller's

6. Repeated failure to abide by this MAP Policy will result in sanctions imposed by SoCalMotoGear. The level of sanctions will be determined by SoCalMotoGear in its sole discretion and may include indefinite termination of dealership or distributorship. SoCalMotoGear does not intend to do business with Resellers who degrade the image of SoCalMotoGear and its products. SoCalMotoGear need not provide prior notice or issue warnings before taking any action under this MAP Policy.

  • 1ST offense: Dealer/Distributor will receive a warning.
  • 2ND offense: Dealer/Distributor will receive notification of their violation and will be placed on a non-ship basis for thirty (30) days.
  • 3RD offense: Dealer/Distributor will receive notification of their violation and will be placed on a non-ship basis indefinitely. This may be reviewed after a period of one (1) year.
7. All questions about this MAP Policy should be in writing via e-mail to No oral communications about this MAP Policy is authorized. The MAP Policy Administrator shall be solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the policy has occurred, communicating decisions to Resellers regarding the policy and receiving any communications regarding sanctions imposed under this MAP Policy. Any action taken by SoCalMotoGear under this MAP Policy shall be without liability to SoCalMotoGear.

8. Distributors of SoCalMotoGear products will supply a copy of this MAP Policy to any new or existing Resellers for their records.

The terms of this MAP Policy are confidential and should not be disclosed to other parties.

This MAP Policy has been established by SoCalMotoGear to protect the reputation of its name and products. This MAP Policy is designed to avoid destructive intra-brand conflict and to ensure that dealers and distributors of our products receive fair pricing structures so that they can provide the same for their customers.