"Thank you for offering such an exceptional product to keep riders safer!" [G18H7P] Axis Motors of Cypress, TX

"I never saw that box at 80mph....Shortly after I bought the Pathfinder LED lights, I was driving to work at 4 AM. I was loving the brightness of these lights put out. Picking up reflectors in the distance picking up things in rolled in the distance. Way better than stock headlights. Had I been utilizing the stock headlights. I never would've saw that box, in the middle of the road. Nor would I have seen it in time to avoid it. First day out Pathfinder saving my butt. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone." [KWLEDKT] L. John of Norco, CA

"LED Brake light bulbs are BRIGHT...VERY BRIGHT. You will be seen. ... I bought 6 LED's from the auto parts store for over $100.00. They don'work and I Can't get my money back. SoCals bulbs do as advertised. The FIRST time...and EVERY time. Would I buy from them again? Sure, why not." [G18RPK KIT]
R. Baugham of Rancho Cordova, CA

"I purchased [NEW] GL1500 HI/LO BEAM LED HEADLIGHT KIT [LED OPTIONS:ADD:T1050W LED PAIR][YOUR MOTORCYCLE YEAR:1988-1997 [G158897]] for my 1995 GL1500SE. The installation was very easy - used YouTube for installation and instructions provided. Took about 45 minutes. Provides a new view for driving in the dark as well as day for others to see you. A coworker stated these were very bright as he saw me on the interstate. He is ordering the same for his 1994 GL1500. I highly recommend these lights for replacing the standard factory lights." [G15LED] R. Childers of Simpsonville, KY

"I am a light nut. I am always looking for the brightest lights I can find to light up my bike for daylight riding. I thought I had the best with the HID lights on my 2007 Goldwing...I was introduced to the new Pathfinder LED lights. I will say you will not find a brighter light. In fact I do not think you could legally install a brighter light on a bike. Outstanding." C. McTigue of Port Charlotte, FL

"These guys are the best to deal with. I had a "HD Daymaker" and it did not deliver because I could not see clearly when cornering, look it up on the forums and you'll see what I mean.Anyhow, I got a great deal on an awesome LED headlight! Thanks Guys!" D. Peterson of Fremont, CA

The rear led conversion kit is heads above the stock. I have all the led including the front hid, switch back front led turning and lower running switchback rectangular fog light kit. Everything I have purchased from Socal has been fantastic quality and makes me more visible on the road. Don Sabinske, CEO Sabinske & Associates Inc." D. Sabinske of Zimmerman, MN

"This is the best investment I have made in 35 yrs of ridding. I ride a lot of back roads and the HID makes I less nearve racking in the middle of the night. Awesome product" 
J. Henshall of Barrie, ON Canada

WOW you need to do this...I watched the video for the install and it's helpful, one thing to add is to take some sandpaper and knock the edge off of the inside of the openings as you reach in, really saves your hands. I wear a size XL glove and although tight was able to do the install in under 2 hours, just try to do as much outside before putting it all together. It was actually easier than I expected. (65 yoa, disabled, 92 degrees, 70% RH) Like turning on giant floodlights, these light up the road like you could only imagine, definitely worth the time, effort, and cost. As with the low beams they do not cause road signs to overpower you as you pass. Don't know how much further it goes than the standard beams but everything all the way to the end is fully illuminated. My only fear is someone is an a$$ and flashes at my low beams forcing me to show them what the high beams actually are."
J. Keene of Independence, KY

“I installed a set of HID lamps on a Goldwing and the results were outstanding. The most recent set was installed on a Honda ST1300. The installation was just as smooth and successful. Once again, the difference is amazing compared to OEM headlamps. Thanks!” Stephen F. of Houston, TX


“Truly a great "Plug and Play" product, now all my friends can't stand their old yellow lights, I have referred them to your website. Its great to see in the dark again!” Brian F. of Sacramento, CA

“I absolutely love my HID Lights that I recently purchased from Socal. Had a few questions during installation and Socal's support team was there to answer my questions. A++ and highly recommended!!” Al – Retired Sgt Pensacola Police Dept of Pensacola, FL

"I installed your HID headlight on my Harley yesterday! WOW! What a dramatic difference it made! Why did I wait so long for this so affordable upgrade?? Great product, just plug & play! I am ordering one for my son's bike today! I showed a friend of mine last night and he texted me this AM that he ordered one for his bike too!! Great product guys!" Jim S. of Fairburn, GA

"Thank you very much for helping others see me!!! Man do people see these lights, people just don't pull out in front of me like they use to. They are crisp, bright and attract peoples' attention and that is in the daylight!! At night, I see every deer on the sides of the road which are about 10 per night within a 5 mile stretch. Thanks again for your amazing service!!! Steve T. of Greensboro, NC

" rocks! Killer customer service and great products at a fair price. This lighting set up is an AWESOME and equal if not better than alternative to the H-D overpriced DayMakers! The installation is not much more difficult than changing a light bulb. This set up went into my batwing FLHTI and so there was plenty of room for the components and wiring. But they do not take much room and would probably fit inside the housing on my softail light housing. The LED's did not require fairing removal as I splced into the existing wiring. They match the HID headlight exactly and when all the lights are properly aimed, they're non-offensive but literally light up signs several cars ahead. They truly increase visibility FOR the rider and OF the rider. Corning at night on a winding road just become a whole lot safer (and more fun)!" Carl B. of Northern CA

“The Honda GL 1800 lighting systems is one of the best factory lighting systems in the cycling industry. However, after installing your HID headlights on my Goldwing at Wing Ding last year, I can honestly say that the stock system is no longer superior. After you guys installed it at the show, my first night ride blew me away by its performance. Road signs were illuminated almost ½ mile ahead and stayed bright until I would actually ride pass them. Road signs were flooded with light improving my chances to see deer and other obstacles. It also surprised me with the lighting output this system provides that oncoming cars did not flash me to dim down. I am totally impressed with this lighting system and would suggest anybody with inferior lighting issues to contact” Terry M of Des Moines, IA

“I have enjoyed my lights so far and I hope that I will for a long time. My lights were installed in Des Moines on the last day of Wing Ding there. Hope you'll come up with a kit I can install on my 78 someday. Thanks” Billy A.

“I met you at the Des Moines show, and you put a set of lights in our Freightliner Truck (Nolan Helmets) Well they are just fantastic. I drove to Redmond Oregon and the night drive is 100% better. In the rain there is so much improvement, I could not believe the difference…Thanks again for improving our ride.” Mike N. of Nolan Helmets

“I have to post I don't have a choice. I bought the GL 1800 HID lights for my '13 F6B, installed them myself, and....they work GREAT. BTW, I did buy these directly from SoCalMotoGear. At first I installed them in all four headlights....lows and highs. That was a mistake, as the highs take too long to bring up to full brightness, and by the time they do, you have to click OFF the highbeams. So I changed the highs back to Halogen bulbs, installing the PIAA Super Whites in the high beams. " -Anonymous reviewer

"Here is THEE important part....on Septmber 5th, 2013, I was struck by lightning (this is NOT a joke), and the lightning hit me on the helmet, at 70 mph. It is all over the Internet. The lightning traveled down my helmet headset cord, to the bike, through the bikes electrical system, and shot out the antenna. Witnesses gave testimony to all this. While the bike suffered over $ 10,000.00 electrical damage to it (I did NOT drop or wreck the bike).....the HID headlights that I had installed survived the lightning strike, and were all reusable in the rebuild." 
-Anonymous reviewer

"I ran into these guys from SoCalMotoGear at the Wing Ding in Madison, WI., related the story to them, and told them how great the HID lights are.” 
IBA Member # 3005...over 30+ years/IBA Certified Million Mile Rider/ **Lightning Strike Survivor** Member



“I currently run the Phillips rally bulbs, which are very bright, however they seem to fail one a year or so. I also run the PIAA 1100x driving lights, but those seem to fail at a rate of one pair per year. I am looking for some serious light, that will last… and of course as reasonably priced as possible and I found them at your company. The thing I like about your product is that it is made for the Gold Wing 1800 and not just a generic kit. It’s true what they say, you get what you pay for.”
George S. of Hanover, MI

“From what I have researched you have the best all inclusive product for the GoldWing. Other companies are NOT GoldWing specific even though they "may" work with modification…” ED G. of Bismark, ND

“Installed and loving them!. The lighting improvement is phenomenal so I do not have to use my Piaa's as much on ironbutt rides.” Dorsey – Tuscson AZ

“Goldwinghids rock! Before buying from you, I tried other cheap kits that the ballasts were made of aluminum and they quickly turned warm and in less than a week, the ballast went out. They offered lifetime warranty, but that did me no good since the replacement kit they sent me was dead. Had yours installed over 5 months now and still lovin it!” Michael N. of Chicago, IL

“I’ve tried at least 3 other hid kits before buying a set from you guys at Wing ding32 in Iowa. All the 3 sets I bought never produced the same light output as your hids do. After using them for awhile one ballast went out and one of the bulbs shows a light green tint. The other set had a cheap ballast or bulb and the lights started flickering when I turn on my lights. Your set has been running strong and great for the last 6 months. Thanks!” Fred J. of Greenfield, WI

“I had a problem with shipping and after you folks cleared it up with UPS the product finally came. Tim took care of the issue and I received my order 3 days later. I love the lights and I can honestly say that it’s one of the those products that you don’t think you need until it’s installed. The lights are so bright and amazingly I don’t get flashed by oncoming traffic after adjusting my lights using the 1800’s light adjust knob. Thanks Goldwinghids and Tim!”
- Anonymous Reviwer

“I thought I was saving and bought a crappy kit online and after installing it and working for 3 months, the ballast went out. I opened it and saw the caps had blown inside the ballasts and when I called the seller they wanted me to ship it back to China! Oh yeah let me do that, right. I finally had the nerve to try your GL1800 hid kit and been happy ever since. I was able to compare yours and the one that went out on me and noticed your ballasts are way better in quality and yours is made of metal. Thanks guys!” Peter S. of New Haven, CT

“Your HID lights are great! It really is “3x brighter” and I can see so much more at night now. I used to run Piaa’s and thought they were bright, but I would have to replace them at least once a year. Had yours thrown on now for about 8 months, so far so good.” Timothy M. of Salt Lake City, UT

“ Thank you for offering a great quality product. I especially like the 30 day money back guarantee and the plug n play installation. I installed it on my 1800 in less than 45 minutes and saved money on hiring a mechanic. I was worried at first about the installation but dang, you guys made it so simple with the manual. Thanks again!” Jim W. of Springfield, MO

“Installing your HIDS on my GL1800 was a breeze. The instructions made someone like me which is not very technical get the job done in 1 hour. I was very happy with the results and the first night I fired the lights up, I was blown away. Man, the street lighting had a glow about ¼ mile away and I can see much wider and I feel safer riding at night on long runs.” Allen B. of Chelsea, MI